Lost Ark Thronespire: How to Start, Requirements, Rewards & Tips

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Lost Ark Thronespire: How to Start, Requirements, Rewards & Tips


This is a guide about the Thronespire dungeon in Lost Ark. We will be talking about its location, requirements, what kind of content it includes, how it works and what kind of rewards can be obtained from it.

What is the Lost Ark Thronespire?

Thronespire is a brand-new single-player dungeon model that lets you test the limits of your character. It's set in a twisted dimension of demons, and the spire contains 50 different levels for players to work through. Every time you enter a new floor in the Thronespire dungeon, you must clear it within a set time limit to access the next one. Otherwise, you will fail and need to retry.

Lost Ark Thronespire Location

The entrance to Thronespire can be found in all major cities in the game.

Lost Ark Thronespire Requirements

You must meet a particular set of requirements to be eligible for the Thronespire dungeon:

1. The Main Quest of Punika has to be completed.
2. Requires item level 1325 and a combat level of 50.
3. Must have completed the Towards Power quest.

How Does the Thornespire Dungeon Work?

Once you fulfill the above requirements, you're all set to face various opponents. After starting the dungeon, you will encounter a bunch of regular monsters, which are fairly easy to defeat. Run ahead and use your AoE abilities to eliminate them. Kill the Elite that spawns at the end of each gate and proceed to the next one. Repeat this process for all the gates to reach the final boss.

Lost Ark: How to Clear Thornespire Floors?

1. You can select a floor from which you want to start.

2. You will be given seven minutes to complete each floor consisting of four gates, each guarded by mobs and an elite monster. It would help if you cleared all these gates before the time on the upper left ends.

3. The boss monster for that level is at the end of the four gates. Killing this boss monster in time will complete the floor and end the challenge.

4. At the end of each gate, you will have to defeat an Elite. Kill it to proceed to the next gate.

5. You will encounter a final boss at the end of the Thronespire dungeon.

6. Regular Healing Potions can be used throughout the dungeon.

7. You get unlimited lives, with a respawn duration of 5 seconds, but you should refrain from dying since this dungeon is time-attacking.

8. The only fail condition is if you exit or the time runs out.

9. You might be curious about the rough requirement for clearing floor 25; we have seen people who cleared it even with 6 Argos gear set with item level 1430, so we cannot average out the requirement. However, we still suggest that your item level should be around 1460; having 6 full relics set your set with at least 4 times level three engraving to clear floor 25.

Lost Ark Thronespire Rewards


Thronespire Rewards


The Thronespire dungeon is that only floors 1-25 provide rewards, while floors 26-50 can still be completed, mainly for prestige and completion times.

Here's a list of the rewards for the first 25 floors:


Floors Rewards
Floor 1 x15 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
Floor 2 x20 Honor Leapstone Chest
Floor 3 x5 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
Floor 4 x15 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
Floor 5 x20 Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)
Floor 6 x45 Ancient Platinum Coin
Floor 7 x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
Floor 8 x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
Floor 9 x50 Ancient Platinum Coin
Floor 10 x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
Floor 11 x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
Floor 12 x5 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
Floor 13 x2 Metallurgy: Basic Welding
Floor 14 x10: Tailoring: Basic Mending
Floor 15 x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest
Floor 16 x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest
Floor 17 x20 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
Floor 18 x10 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
Floor 19 x25 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
Floor 20 x2 Metallurgy: Applied Welding
Floor 21 x10 Tailoring: Applied Mending
Floor 22 x2 Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch
Floor 23 x6 Great Honor Leapstone Chest
Floor 24 x60 Ancient Platinum Coin
Floor 25 x30 Level 3 Gem Chest


Total Amount of Rewards

These are the total rewards you can obtain from Thronespire for clearing floor 25:

    • x10,500 Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound)
    • x3,500 Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)
    • x200 Honor Leapstone (Bound)
    • x210 Great Honor Leapstone (Bound)
    • x30 Level 3 Gem Chest
    • x60 Glory Shard Pouch (L)
    • x20 Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)
    • x155 Ancient Platinum Coin
    • x2 Metallurgy: Basic Welding
    • x10 Tailoring: Basic Mending
    • x2 Metallurgy: Applied Welding
    • x10 Tailoring: Applied Mending
    • x2 Legendary Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch


Tips About Thornespire Rewards

1. Rewards are one-time only, roster-bound. Engraving boxes are tradable.

2. You can select which floor you can start from; if you complete that floor, all the previous floors will be marked as complete, and you will get every reward from each floor immediately. So you do not need to do all the tiers, so clearing tier 25 is the best option.

3. 1st floor has a requirement of 1325 ilvl, the 25th floor is recommended for 1430+ ilvl, but this may vary depending on class and settings.

That's everything you need to know about Lost Ark Thronespire Dungeon. Want to know more? Keep following LostArkGold.com for more new content or get cheap Lost Ark gold.

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