Lost Ark: Tips and Tricks For Leveling Up

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Are you looking for a Lost Ark leveling guide to help you complete Arkesia? The Korean MMO doesn't hold back when throwing various mechanics at you right away. This can be overwhelming, especially if you want to start your quest before level 50. We have compiled a guide for leveling Lost Ark for you.



You can see the system requirements here if you want to play this popular game. If you'd like to learn which courses would be the greatest inside the game suitable now, we've got you covered. Also, you can download the game here. If you don't have a Windows 11 or 10 PC, you can also play the game on a Mac.




You start at level 10 and can eventually reach a maximum of 50. Power pass Lost Ark makes it easy to develop other characters. This leveling guide offers some useful lost ark tips and tricks if you want to advance your quest to level 50.



Lost Ark Leveling Tip 1: Focus On The Main Storyline

It's tempting to dive into side quests that take you away from the narrative. It is very quick to inform them apart: the main activities are highlighted in orange, while the side quests are highlighted in yellow. Leveling up your side quests does not grant negative experience, but you can reach max level without doing so. Once you reach level 35, you won't be able to continue with the main quests, so you'll need to move on to the blue quests, which will take you to three different locations.

However, completing the main missions alone can quickly get boring. You'll lose a lot of variety if you skip everything else, and some side quests can provide useful benefits, such as a pet to mine for you. This will slow down your leveling progress, but it's worth thinking about.



Lost Ark Leveling Tip 2: Prefer Less Crowded Channels

The minimap has a drop-down menu above the map to change channels. These are variations of the same region, so if you find it too crowded, you can use this option to switch to a different channel. If you're having trouble finding targets or opponents due to too many other players chasing the same target, switch to a less crowded channel.



Lost Ark Leveling Tip 3: Dismantle Gear for More Storage

You can salvage gear and other items in Lost Ark to save yourself the trip to the vendor by removing them from your inventory. The equipment seems to be more valuable, so it's worth saving it for later sale if you don't have much money. But if storage space and time are of the essence, you always have a choice.

Equipment can be dismantled, allowing you to sell its contents. Click the hammer icon at the bottom of the inventory window to dismantle the mechanism. You won't necessarily lose a lot of money doing this, as the items obtained from dismantling gear can also be traded.



Lost Ark Leveling Tip 4: Don't Farm More Mobs Than Needed

If you're an experienced MMO player, you might be tempted to destroy everything in your path. The problem is that the creatures in Lost Ark give very little experience. Instead, only kill what you need to complete the quest objectives and leave the rest alone. Feel free to enjoy the fight in Lost Ark. keep in mind that chasing every opponent you face won't help you level up faster.



Lost Ark Leveling Tip 5: Don't Spend Too Much Time Collecting

You can get bored mindlessly completing the main story missions, so for a change. It's a good idea to look for collectibles like mococo seeds. However, if you're adamant about hitting the max level as soon as possible, save them for later.




The Power pass option can be found on your character screen, and you might be wondering what it is. This allows you to level up another character to level 50 quickly. You will only get two free Powerpasses, so it's best to test out a few Loss Ark classes before deciding.


You must complete the main quest on one character to get the Power pass. You will receive something in the mail after you have finished. You can now return for the character assortment screen and select a brand new or current character before hitting the Electrical power pass button under their name.


After that, you will need to complete the Adventurer's Path quest, which will take you from level 10 to level 50. The second one should appear in your mailbox when you have used the first Power pass item.

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