Lost Ark vs New World, which one is better?

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The two biggest MMORPGs of recent years and two games came (directly and indirectly) from Amazon Games studio. Lost Ark Online and New World. Both productions were very successful (look at the steam numbers) and have become part of the canons of our genre once and for all.


Lost Ark vs New World, which one is better?


Up to a point, the poll was very even, but in the end, Lost Ark Online emerged victorious from the battle. The result is 55% to 45%.

Indeed, if such a poll were made in February or March this year, the Lost Ark advantage would be even more significant. But recent events in the game - a lot of bots, problems with RMT, and so on - have caused Lost Ark Online to be viewed increasingly negatively. Even among their most loyal fans ( we wrote about it on Friday ).

A completely different story is from New World, which after a terrible start (everyone remembers the exploits and technical problems of NW), is slowly going straight.

Updates to the game keep improving (Arena PvP has recently been added), and the lack of Pay2Win encourages you to try out the New World. Especially now, when subsequent games turn out to be money extractors.

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