Lost Ark: What are all the Classes and How to Choose Them?

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Lost Ark is finally coming to Europe – already in autumn 2021. Therefore, there will be a lot of new players coming into the game. So before you start the Lost Ark, here's a guide to ensuring that you fully understand all the classes and how to choose them to ensure a victory.


Lost Ark: What are all the Classes and How to Choose Them?

All Classes in Lost Ark

There are five different base classes in Lost Ark to choose from, with 14 different sub-class. Each of these classes comes with its very own special weapon or item.

1. Warrior Class

– Berserker Subclass

The most straightforward warrior of all – especially for those who like to go into a frontal attack, stay in the thick of the fight and shower enemies with a hail of blows.

This class is resistant to control (all kinds of overturns, tosses, and so on). However, berserker's Ultimate Attack allows you to increase your hit damage briefly.

Vitality is average (in its class). Berserkers are not masters of incinerating a target with one mighty blow.

– Paladin Subclass

Paladins is another class that is well known in fantasy game lore, but there's a bit of a spin in Lost Ark.

These heroes have a direct line to god that allows them to have powers like "Wrath of God," "Law of God," and "Execution of Justice" abilities, to name a few.

This warrior class is less about bashing through enemies than killing them in powerful magic strikes.

– Gunlancer Subclass

The Gunlancer is what most MMORPGs might refer to as the basic tank character, and it acts as the first line of defense, using their gun lance to protect allies and absorb damage like a sponge.

That doesn't mean it's not a formidable character when it decides to go on the attack, though: The Gunlancer's attacks centered around gun-type attacks like "Hook Chain" and "Fire Bullet."

2. Martial Artist Class

– Wardancer Subclass

The Wardancer Martial Artist deals with magical strikes that lean on fire and lightning to take out foes. In addition, they can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers.

– Scraper Subclass

Scrapers are armed with a heavy gauntlet and use two inverse forms of attack energy to deliver nonstop destruction. As a result, they have an excellent attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power.

While the Scrapper is more heavy-handed, it can also deal out blasts like "Death Sentence" and "Undefeated Dragon King."

– Soulfist Subclass

The Soulfist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel special energy called Adamance, which can be imbued into abilities or sustain themselves in fights.

The Soulfist has attacks that fit the character like a glove: "Pulverizing Palm," "Deadly Finger," and "Heavenly Squash" are all pretty on the nose but useful attacks in a big fight.

3. Gunner Class

– Gunslinger Subclass

Gunslingers are deadly shooters that can work at any range. She is also the first female character.

She is based on her fellow Hunter, Devil Hunter, to switch between 3 different weapons (double handgun, shotgun, rifle) while on the battlefield. These weapons each have their own unique range and skills and required skilled players to switch whenever appropriate.

Despite being based on the Devil Hunter template, Gunslinger arrived in Lost Ark with a unique skill for each of the 3 weapons and a new ultimate skill and passive customizations (the Tripod System), which provides never-seen-before effects.

– Artillerist Subclass

Artillerists blast their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They are not very agile, but they make up for it with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force.

– Deadeye Subclass

Deadeye can triple yield guns in Lost Ark, including a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle.

– Sharpshooter Subclass

The Sharpshooter stands out among the crowd because while using long-range weapons, and it's less about bullets for this character and more about slicing and dicing. The sharpshooter will eventually be able to equip attacks like "Bladestorm" and "Arrow Wave." As is the case with all of these classes, Lost Ark offers many roads to go down.

4. Mage Class

– Bard Subclass

The Bard is a support sub-class. Along with attack skills, the Bard has skills that can heal or buff allies. The Bard herself cannot deal much damage, but she is a must-have member of a party, especially when a party is going for a challenging raid.

Her Identity also allows her to heal or buff allies. To use her Identity, she must gain Serenade Bubbles by attacking enemies.

– Summoner Subclass

Summons creatures to fight in his place. Deals significant damage, but skills take a long time to recharge. If necessary, she will hold the defense for some time without a strong defender: spells allow her to hide behind an invisible shield and use control against enemies (for example, overturn them or slow them down).

5. Assassin Class

– Shadowhunter Subclass

The Shadow Hunter might qualify as the most interesting subclass of any in Lost Ark. Reach a high enough level, and this character can actually turn itself into a demon. That demon warrior can then go into battle with particular attacks at its disposal.

– Deathblade Subclass

The Deathblade stays human throughout its attacks, but that doesn't make this Lost Ark assassin any less deadly. The real power behind this particular character is that several of its bigger attacks allow it to move quite quickly, getting close enough for the kill and then withdrawing out of harm's way before the enemy can do any real damage.

Which Class Should You Choose?

There is no definite advice here. It all depends on your playing style and skills. However, try completing the prologue for each of the main classes to familiarize yourself with their basic mechanics.

These 14 classes are currently confirmed for the EU release version. However, it's not clear whether there will be more classes for the release. But we'll keep track of the latest updates to Lost Ark, so stay with us. In addition, you can Lost Ark Gold buy through us, which is safe, fast, cheap, and you can get a 5% discount by using the coupon code!

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