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Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos: The Definitive Guide to Phase 1

In the following guide, discover what you will face in the battle against Argos and the mechanics of the different phases. Here is a guide to Abyss Raid Argos phase 1, Find everything you need to know to defeat Argos here.

How to Get the Turtle, Wildwater, and Harmony Island Token in Lost Ark?

This guide will show everything you need to know about how to get the Turtle, Wildwater, and Harmony island token in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Guide: Currency Overview

This guide was written as part of the official Lost Ark competition and authored by Lostarkgold. Currently, in the world of Lost Ark, there are 36 types of game currency, the presence of which the player can observe through the game interface located in the upper left corner.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to cards and best sets

The cards in the Lost Ark will give you a variety of stats to power up your character, depending on what cards you have. Getting the cards completing the decks and books is a long process and will take a long time, but it will reward your effort. Let's see what the Lost Ark Card system is all about.

Lost Ark: Tips and Tricks For Leveling Up

Are you looking for a Lost Ark leveling guide to help you complete Arkesia? The Korean MMO doesn't hold back when throwing various mechanics at you right away. This can be overwhelming, especially if you want to start your quest before level 50. We have compiled a guide for leveling Lost Ark for you.

Lost Ark: How To Get, Equip and Upgrade Cards?

In this guide, we'll be walking you through all the information you need to know about the Card system, including how to get, equip, and upgrade cards in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: A detailed guide to ship, navigation, and islands

In this guide, you will find everything related to the Ships, the navigation, and the Islands in Lost Ark. Having many topics below in Red, you will have direct access to each content.


This guide is the most definitive ship guide in Lost Ark, players can better understand the detailed information about ships in the game, including the basic knowledge of different ships, the uniqueness, how to obtain, upgrade materials, etc. Thereby gaining a deeper understanding and mastering all the content knowledge of the ship!

Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Class, Level Up, Daily, Weekly, Alts, Currency, Collectibles and Missions

In this guide, through various guides in the game to help players better integrate into the game, such as class, level up, daily, weekly, Alts, currency(gold and silver), collectibles and missions, etc., players can better improve the game experience!

Lost Ark: The Definitive Guide To Tower

"Tower" is an endgame activity in which players try to climb 50 floors that get progressively more difficult. This activity only supports single-player, and the item level requirements get higher as you level up. Here we take a look at the most definitive guide to Tower in the Lost Ark game!

How To Level Up Fast in Lost Ark?

This guide will discuss everything you need to know on how to level up Fast in Lost Ark so that you can reach max level quickly and get into endgame content to earn the best gear.

Lost Ark: The Complete Guide To Island Hearts!

In the Lost Ark game, It has a lot of islands scattered throughout the world map, the game will automatically point you to the primary location the island's deadliest. Here is the list of all the islands present on the Lost Ark with info on how to obtain the island heart of each.

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