Technical and Other Questions Before Starting Lost Ark

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Technical and Other Questions Before Starting Lost Ark


Lost Ark, an immensely popular game that's currently only available in Japan, South Korea, and Russia, is coming to Europe and North America later this year. Therefore, more and more new players will have the opportunity to try it. Well, in order to somehow reduce the threshold of entry, in this guide we have collected answers to the technical and other questions before starting Lost Ark.

What is the genre of LOST ARK?

Action MMORPG.

What is the style of the game?

Medieval fantasy with steampunk elements.

Is it free to play?

Yes. All core content is available for free, but you can purchase a premium account for additional bonuses.

What exactly does a premium account provide?

Every day you get several bonuses that make the game somewhat easier: potions with bonuses to characteristics, a feather of resurrection, as well as various other boosts and consumables to save time. For example, among the latter, there are items for quickly completing daily tasks (they are quite expensive).

How do I take a screenshot?

If you want to take a close-up shot, zoom in on the camera with the mouse wheel and press Print Screen.

Which server should you choose?

The busiest server at the end of 2019 is Kratos. There are many foreigners on the Sirion. And the Antares server is the freest.

How to play with a friend?

Go to one server ("Sirion," "Kratos," or "Antares") and add a friend to the group. Please note that experience will not be cumulative.

How to create a beautiful character?

Players post-ready-made presets on social networks. You can take one of them as a basis.

How do I create an account?

Step 1. Go to the website and click "Register."

Step 2. Complete the registration form. If you see the 'I don't have a phone number' option, you can skip the SMS activation in Step 3-4.

Step 3. Type your phone number, search your country, and press send(lower right button). This will send you an SMS code that you will need to type in for activation. (If you see the I don't have a phone number option as highlighted, you might need a VPN to be able to skip this)

Alternatively: They may CALL your number. Don't be scared, and you have to type the last 6-digits of the number that called your phone and hit Confirm.

Step 4. Activate with the SMS code or CAPTCHA and click on the Subscribe/Register/Sign Up button.

How do I change controls?

The key layout cannot be changed. But you can turn on the mouse wheel inversion.

How do I make the font larger?

In the December 4, 2019 update, the default font has been slightly increased. Try to set the maximum scale of the interface.

How to remove black bars at the top and bottom in 1280×1024 (4: 3) / how to make the game full screen?

At the moment, they cannot be removed since the game was developed for the 16: 9 format.

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