Things You May Not Know About the Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is a Korean MMO heading West via Amazon Game Studios, expected to reach the North American and European shores in Fall 2021. Here are a few things that prospective players might not know about the Lost Ark.


Things You May Not Know About the Lost Ark

1. It Looks Incredible

Lost Ark tries to combine the best of fantasy animation with more realistic-looking settings. The result improves the immersion factor even more for the average player, and that's a crucial step for a good video game.

2. Includes Features Typical Of Other MMOs

Lost Ark includes features typical of other MMOs like character customization, professions, and boss fights. The game integrates many into the gameplay, primarily regarding the smooth combat system that lets players show off their gear. Professions include gathering skills and more exciting endeavors like Archaeology.

3. Its Design Is Like Diablo

The game is on an isometric, 3D platform reminiscent of the Diablo franchise. The style still has a wide fan base and is fairly intuitive for newer players.

4. Amazon Will Be The Publisher For North America

Its developer, Smilegate RPG, will work with Amazon to publish Lost Ark for a western release. They provide players in North America and Europe with the best experience possible by localizing and translating the colossal world of Lost Ark into written and spoken dialogue in English, French, German, and Spanish.

5. Is Expected To Hit North American Markets In 2021

The North American and European release date of Lost Ark has not been officially announced just yet. Currently, there's a closed beta in progress, so the date is definitely near. At the time of writing, the launch window floating around is Fall 2021, but we don't know for sure. On the game's Steam page, the date is December 31st, 2021, but I'm fairly certain that's just a placeholder.

6. It Has Been Available in Korea Since 2018

Lost Ark was fully released in the Korean region on December 4, 2018. It was well-received for the first year it was available, including the time it was only in Korea. Only after the game had a successful showing at the Korean Game Awards did serious talk of international marketing begin.

7. It Swept The Korea Game Awards In 2019

Lost Ark was named in six categories at the 2019 Korea Game Awards, including the grand "Presidential Prize," four "Technology and Creativity" categories (scenario, sound, graphics, and characters), and the "Most Popular Game" award, receiving recognition as the shining star of 2019.

8. The Setting Of Akrasia

Every MMO has some serious lore, and Lost Ark is no exception. The name of the vast land that adventurers are exploring is a reference to ancient Greek philosophy. The name might have something to do with the chaos that has descended upon Akrasia in the form of aggressive demons and other intimidating monsters. The Lost Ark is all that can save the land from certain destruction.

9. A Product Of Smilegate Corporation

Smilegate is a South Korean company that produces Lost Ark and other games for desktop computers and mobile phones. Their mobile games include the Super Tank franchise, a game on YouTube commercials called Epic Seven, and an FPS-style game known as Crossfire.

10. It Was Developed In Korea

South Korea is the unofficial capital of all things MMO. Hundreds of games of several different kinds of games have been developed in South Korea. MMORPGs that trace their lineage to Korean developers include Lost Ark.

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