Top 11 most common ways to get gold in the lost ark!

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Lost Ark Gold Guide (How to get more)

Gold is one of the currencies that players care about most in the Lost Ark game, as this is how you will be able to buy whatever you need from the auction house.

Whether you want to get a nice new skin without paying real money, speed up the honing process, or get crafting materials, you'll need gold to buy them.

You will find numerous various ways to obtain Lost Ark gold within the game, but we will examine a number of the most effective approaches to earning gold in Lost Ark within this report.

When you know of other ways to have gold, you could tell us in the comments beneath, and we'll include them in our record!


Ways to get gold in Lost Ark:



Way 1. Alts

Additional characters are probably the easiest way to get stable gold, and you will get two (level 50 boosts) per account.

Unlike silver, gold is a Lost Ark currency distributed among all the characters on your account.

You get a lot of honing materials that you can sell on the market. This will slow down the progress on your alt but will give you gold quickly.

Be sure to complete Oona's and Abyssal Dungeon quests every week.



Way 2. Market

There are many things that you will get on your journey that can be exchanged and that can be worth a lot of gold. The easiest way to find out if something is valuable is to open the market and right-click on the items in your inventory to see the current price at a glance. Good items will vary depending on your server, but here are a few examples:

  • . Quickly scroll through the listings for each category and see which ones sell the most on your server before heading to the farm for some easy money.
  • . Stones and Leafstones obtained from activities such as the Chaos Dungeon will not be linked and can be traded on the market.
  • . Sometimes you get books to engrave at events, and depending on the type or class, they can sell for a lot of money.
  • . When completing quests, you will often receive random drops that can be used for an adventure tome. Instead of using them, check how much they cost on the market.



Way 3. Abyss Dungeons

After a week, you can only get gold, but the first explicit guarantees you a small amount.



Way 4. Quests and islands

As you progress through the story and island quests, you will notice that some of them will give you gold as a reward. Doing quest chains on the island can yield a large amount of gold, and these are good examples of places to start.



Way 5. Adventure Islands

These islands can be visited once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends. Not all islands will yield gold, but you can find out which one from your Procyon's Eye Compass.



Way 6. Report

One of the best techniques to obtain gold would be to raise Rapport with specific NPCs. Train and Sasha are some of the best in the early game, but once you unlock Punika in Tier 3, you'll get more NPCs to get gold from.

Remember that gold might not be the best reward from Rapport, but characters like Sasha also reward things like Lost Ark Giant's Heart.



Way 7. Una Tokens

You will receive tokens for daily and weekly tasks, which can then be exchanged for gold. You have three different rewards to choose from, but you'll get paid if you're lucky and get a thin or thick gold bar.

Una's quests are perfect for rewards anyway, so this should be something you do every week.



Way 8. Masterpieces

Although farming them is not easy, you will receive gold rewards at different stages when you turn them in on Sunflower Island.



Way 9. Sailing missions

By participating in joint sailing missions, you will have the opportunity to get keys and maps. After completing them, you can get gold.



Way 10. Chaos Gates

Once a day, you can enter the Gates of Chaos, where, among other things, you will be rewarded with pieces of the rift. At the end of the run, players will bet on the card, and you will receive a share of that gold in your mailbox.



Way 11. Fault Figures

Rift pieces that you get from Chaos Gates can be traded at different vendors for Lost Ark secret cards. These cards drop Honed Materials and especially Shard Bags. They can be precious in the market, so be sure to check which Tier Shards are selling the most and trade them for cards of that Tier.


You can find many more strategies to earn gold in Lost Ark, but they're a few of the most effective and most accessible methods you may get started. For additional guides, check out our website!

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