What rewards do you get for collecting the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds?

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More than 1200 Mokoko Seeds are hidden in the game world of Lost Ark. We tell you what purpose the rare collectibles have and tell you all the localities. At LostArkGold, we are the solution for providing you with all the information that you might be seeking. Since we have been around since the beta version of Lost Ark and have grown to become a trusted partner, we know what it takes to keep up with this game. With that in mind, we continue to provide as much information as possible to make your gaming experience as fruitful and fun as possible. From giving simple guides on where to find Mokoko seeds in the game world, revealing the purpose of each source, unveiling the locations of rare items, or helping newcomers get started with their first steps into Games and Offer Cheap Lost Ark Gold is our specialties.

What rewards do you get for collecting the Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds?

What are Mokoko seeds?
Mokoko Seeds are small, green plants hidden in every area of ​​Lost Ark. Sometimes, they are visible on the ground. Other times they are hidden behind small puzzles or even outside the map.
In total, you can find 1210 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. You can see your overall progress at any time by opening the Collectibles menu ( Alt+L). Alternatively, you can also open a map of the current area with the M key and see how many Mokoko seeds you are still missing on this map in the upper right corner.

What rewards do you get for collecting the Mokoko Seeds?
For collecting each Mokoko Seed, you will receive 180 experience points for your squad level. This is a cross-account level that all characters on your account can access. So, by collecting the Mokoko seeds, you can give all your characters advantageous bonuses like increased attributes.
As soon as you leave the first continent and explore the surrounding islands by ship, you can exchange your collected Mokoko seeds for valuable upgrades. To do this, sail to the island of Tortoyk and visit the village of Mokoko there. Talk to Totoma there, who can offer you the following rewards:

Mococo seeds Reward
50 Totoma card
100 kindness potion
150 Application form for the Stronghold Crew: Chicachica
200 Potion to increase vitality
250 Crew application form: Cocorico
300 Stat Boost Potion
350 Mokamoka card
400 Paradise's Knight License
450 Eurus Blueprint x15
500 Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko
550 Timid Windflower Pollen x3
600 20 Eurus Blueprint x20
650 Crew application form: Poipoi
700 Mokoko Hunter Title
750 Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument
800 Transform: Egg of Creation
850 Stronghold Crew Application Form: Art Paruru
900 Background image: Mokoko Village
950 Masterpiece #32
100 Ship Hide: Blooming Eurus
1050 Crew application form: Narinari
1100 Title Smelling Good
1150 Masterpiece #44
1200 Transformation: Mokoko seeds



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