Where can We get Lost Ark Gold?

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Lost Ark's circulating commodity gold is an essential commodity traded between auction houses and users. Lost Ark Gold can be bought through content playback rewards or the sale of tradable items through exchanges/auction houses.

Epona's Dailies

View from the shortcut key [Alt+J] or the shortcut menu at the bottom of the game screen [Adventure]> [Epona Request]
Earn expedition mission points by continuously performing daily and weekly missions
Obtain Epon​​a Token that can be redeemed for each specific point
Exchange the gold box through the [Gold Shop] NPC in the city
The points for weekly expedition missions are reset at 06:00 every Wednesday, regardless of whether they are rewarded.

Adventure Island
After participating in the game, go to Adventure Island to get rewards. It is expected that adventure rewards include gold coins.
You can check the schedule and reward information in the Procyon Compass and the calendar (Alt+H) under the small map in the upper right corner of the game.
The schedule and rewards of MapleStory are flexible.

Exchange, auction house transactions
Register and sell tradable materials obtained through various contents (combat, life, etc.) on the exchange
Registration and sale of accessories, equipment, and ability stones obtained by playing content in the auction house
Exchange/auction houses can be used through remote exchange with pet function (Alt+P) or brokers located in big cities.


Where can We get Lost Ark Gold?

Weekly content (based on level 3 breakdown)
Abyssal Dungeon: The Well of Oreha
Assault on the Abyss: Argos
Legion Commander Raid: Baltan, Biakis, Cook Seton

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