Where to get Lost Ark Gold, Silver and Sharpening?

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Lost Ark is a game that takes a lot of time and effort to get good at, and the reward for your hard work can be significant. Read this article to find out where to get the best Lost Ark Gold, Silver, and Sharpening!


Where to get Lost Ark Gold, Silver and Sharpening?

Lost Ark Gold, Silver, and Sharpening are items purchased from Hunter's Grotto. You can also buy them from other players or trade them with other players. These are three types of currencies used to purchase equipment from the Lost Ark Market. There is a steady demand for equipment in the markets because it's easy to farm Lost Ark Gold, and many people still use it as a currency when they play the game.

Lost Ark Gold
The first way to mine gold is to sell consumables, cans, gaps, etc. Everything can be crafted and sold at Auction Hourse. The most lucrative occupations are herbalist, fisherman, and lumberjack. The primary crafting resources come from the Platinum Islands;
The second way is Waves of Bosses (for tickets and 400+ GS access). It would help if you went with your team. There are only 15 waves. For each wave, a particular currency is charged, which you can exchange for the engraving of the ring, or rather, for books that can be sold at auctions;
More ways: Kill Island, Rubik's Cube, Events, Chaos Dungeon Map, Daily Boss.

Farming Lost Ark Gold
1. Platinum Field (PP) - depends on your occupation;
2. Cube - up to 150 coins per run;
3. Boral Island (150 GP and a pile of flying stones)
4. World Bosses and RBs in the Rift Valley (from 10 to 30) 5. Selling on the map
Places (from 25 to 70 per place)
6. Sell Item Atlas (Auction Price)
7. Exchange blue crystals for gold

Cube (requires pass) - We go through the room, score points, and take the first chest (~ 8000 credits). You can go further, but if you have faith in your party;
Daily quests on Parcel Island (after level 50 and 250 GS);
More ways: Hoa's dungeons, finding broken ships, daily quests.

Sharpening method
Your equipment level will depend on sharpening because without them, and you will not be able to sharpen.

The easiest way to earn points is through daily tasks;
Epic Chaos dungeon (passage) - 1 reward per day;
A map is dropped from the Chaos Dungeon of Heroes, and you can use it to enter a particular dungeon. We can go alone or in a team. The instance drops rewards, including a point (~99%);
Sea Treasure Map (solo exhibition);
Calendar events (0 to 2 times per day);
You can also sharpen guild content.

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