Which are the Best Mobile MMORPGs for IOS and Android in 2022?

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Mobile MMORPG is an online game that targets a mobile platform, such as a smartphone, tablet, or personal digital assistant. MMORPGs are similar to traditional RPGs with a few differences:MMORPGs are turn-based games, which means they operate in rounds where the order of battle isn't determined by user input but rather by the system itself. Automatic combat systems are another difference. These automatically control player character movement and provide limited options for players to control the game.


As you can see from this guide, there is no shortage of good Android and iOS MMORPGs.
Meanwhile, more and more users are downloading these games and playing them on their phones (or tablets) in the West. Interestingly, some MMORPGs have done so well here that they've even started getting rave reviews!
Mobile gaming has become incredibly popular over the last few years thanks to Asia's embrace of mobile devices as gaming platforms. Now that many Western gamers have grown up on smartphones and tablets, it's not hard to see why publishers are investing in mobile MMORPGs on our shores too!

So LostArkGold introduce you to the best representatives of the mobile MMORPG scene in 2022. This list was created by our MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch at LostArkGold, who has played each game for at least 10 hours. But he also plays some of these MMORPGs a lot. Finally, you'll also find an overview of the upcoming Game, with Genshin Impact as a good co-op game, even if it's not an MMORPG. If you'd like to see other titles on the list, you're welcome to write them in the comments.

NO.1 Adventure Quest 3D - MMORPG without autoplay
This MMORPG is a crossover game that can be played on PCs and smartphones. Adventure Quest 3D relies on colorful comic graphics, lots of humor, and action-packed combat, but at the same time, no autoplay. The Adventure Quest series dates back to 2002, when the first game was released, which was a 2D game. Adventure Quest 3D is the first 3D game released by developer Artix Entertainment in 2016.


+ A large game world full of humor
+ Various equipment and transmog systems
+ Cross-platform to PC
+ Regularly updated
+ no autoplay
+ No Pay2Win

- unimaginative tasks
- no real PvP
- No German localization

What do the comments say?
The Adventure Quest 3D has 4.2 out of 5 stars in the Google Play store, with just over 70,000 reviews.
4.6 out of 5 stars out of 2,000 on the App Store.
Steam has an 80% positive rating out of 7,060 ratings.

Who should play Adventure Quest 3D?
If you're looking for a mobile MMORPG without Pay2Win and autoplay that can be played on PC simultaneously, Adventure Quest 3D is a great choice. While the game is pretty linear, there are regular updates, extraordinary events, and humor.

Where can I download it?
Mobile MMORPGs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

NO.2 Albion Online - PvP MMORPG on Smartphones
Alion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from German developer Sandbox Interactive. Everything here revolves around your freedom, crafting, and PvP. You can create your character without being bound by a class or a static playing method.
With this, you can explore the world from an ISO perspective, divided into different instance regions and cities. Tons of randomly generated dungeons can be found randomly.
While the proximity combat system and crafting play a significant role in the first level, the PvP aspect comes into play in the endgame. Because there is open PvP in the highest areas, it is even possible to lose your gear in the event of death.
However, despite PvP, Albion Online has been popular for years on PC. It was released for Android and iOS in June 2021 and even offered cross-play between platforms.

Which are the Best Mobile MMORPGs for IOS and Android in 2022?

+ Extensive range with plenty of PvE and PvP content
+ Get a lot of freedom with crafting and unique skill systems
+ Player Driven Economy
+ Regularly updated
+ Full cross-play with PC
+ No negative mobile aspects like Pay2Win or Autoplay

- Difficult for beginners to start
- You can lose everything with full loot
- PvP is a big part, and not everyone likes it

What do the comments say?
Albion Online has 4.4 stars and nearly 100,000 ratings on the Play Store.
In the App Store, it has 4.6 stars and nearly 1,000 ratings.

Who should play Albion online?
Albion Online is aimed at PvP and sandbox lovers. With new seasons regularly, outposts are a core part of the game. However, it has been very successful in this niche.
Since switching to Free2Play in April 2019, the MMORPG has repeatedly broken player records. Albion has doubled its player count recently, with 271,000 players logging in every day.

Where can I download Albion Online?
Mobile MMORPGs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. This is Free2Play.

NO.3 Dragon Raja - Modern MMORPG
Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, developed by Chinese company Archosaur Games. The MMO is based on the novel of the same name and even supports German.
The focus of mobile MMORPGs is the story. So you can make different decisions that affect the rest of the story.
You can also choose from various hobbies you can pursue and give the game a Second Life character. However, you can look forward to fighting in an exciting setting more based on modernity than fantasy worlds.

+ great story
+ Innovative environment and exciting approach
+ Powerful graphics thanks to UE4
+ Many character customizations
+ There's a lot to do in the endgame

- Continue the level of the main quest
- German translation is weak in some places
- Likewise, there is Pay2Win for PvP

What do the comments say?
Dragon Raja has received many positive reviews, and Grind plays a significant role in the MMORPG. The high cost in the store has also been criticized, and if you want to play in PvP, you have to pay real money here too.
Dragon Raja currently has 4.5 stars on the Play Store with nearly 190,000.
The mobile MMORPG even has 4.6 stars with 30,600 ratings in the App Store.

Who Should Play Dragon Clan?
Anyone looking for an innovative and fun setting in an MMORPG and who want to play it on the go can use Dragon Raja on their smartphone.
Visually, it's one of the best games on the market, and the story is interesting. The annoying problem is that Pay2Win reappears in the final stage.

Where can I download it?
You can get Dragon Raja for free on the Play Store and App Store.


NO.4 Genshin Impact - A Co-op RPG That Worth Playing
In the anime action RPG Genshin Impact, you can choose between male or female twins and go on monster and loot hunting. It offers an open world that you can explore alone or cooperatively.

+ gorgeous graphics
+ good combat system
+ Exciting story with exciting twists
+ Full cross-play between platforms
+ Completely free to play

- Strict restrictions on cooperation
- Gacha system, but no direct Pay2Win because there is no PvP and no "win" thing.

What do the comments say?
Genshin Impact has 4.3 stars and almost 2.5 million ratings on the Play Store.
In the App Store, it has 4.5 stars and nearly 300,000 ratings.

Who should play Genshin Impact?
Genshin Impact is the right choice for anyone who loves cute anime graphics with a cel-shading look and wants action-packed battles with different, specially designed heroes.
Many players also find that you can seamlessly switch between games on PC and mobile devices handy thanks to cross-play and cross-progress.

Where can I download Genshin Impact?
Mobile MMORPGs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, App Store, or even the PC and PS Store. This is Free2Play.

NO.5 Perfect World - Air Combat MMORPG
Perfect World appeared in China as an MMORPG 14 years ago and in the West in 2008. The matching mobile version has been available since 2019.
It relies on a large, seamless game world, three playable matches, and the iconic flight and air combat system. In the game, you move around a vast three-dimensional world.
Additionally, Perfect World Mobile addresses the nostalgia factor that fans have when they reminisce about the old days of PC MMORPGs. However, there is no cross-play between the PC and mobile versions.

+ good graphics
+ Nostalgia for Perfect World fans
+ Various combat systems

- Six classes, only one tank and one healer
- The small amount of PvP content
- Daily XP cap that can only be bypassed with real money

What do the comments say?
Perfect World Mobile has achieved great success, especially in China. It's also going well in the West.
The MMORPG has a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating on the Google Play Store with over 88,000 ratings.
In the App Store, Perfect World even reached 4.5 stars, with a rating close to 1000.

Who should play Perfect World?
Perfect World Mobile is primarily aimed at fans of the series who have already played MMORPGs on PC. It also convinces with the flight system, good atmosphere, and lack of loading screens in the game.
Fans of Western MMORPGs probably won't get their money's worth. The game relies too much on Asian talent.

Where to download perfect world?
Perfect World can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

NO.6 Black Desert Mobile - Open World Action MMORPG
Full of nostalgia, Black Desert Mobile takes you into the same world but tells a slightly different story. You will also encounter familiar NPCs, bosses, and black elves again. However, some systems have been simplified, and the scope of classes has been significantly reduced. However, the character editor retains its strength.

+ Detailed character editor
+ good graphics
+ Exciting boss battles
+ Lots of Black Desert Memories
+ Camp as a Unique Selling Point

- Random when upgrading device, possible downgrade
- Limited crafting and trading systems compared to PC MMORPGs
- Striking Pay2Win, where in-game currency can be purchased with real money

What do the comments say?
Black Desert Mobile currently has 4.0 stars on the Play Store, with a rating close to 400,000. There were also some negative reviews where the game was criticized for the wrong reasons.
The mobile MMORPG has 4.5 stars and 2,900 ratings on the App Store.

Who Should Play Black Desert Mobile?
Fans of the PC or console version of Black Desert will immediately find themselves in the world of a mobile MMORPG.
If you also want to play Farmville, you'll be happy with the smartphone-exclusive content.
However, it doesn't quite reach full-fledged Black Desert in terms of playing feel. Still, it's one of the best mobile MMORPGs you can play right now.

Where can I download Black Desert Mobile?
You can download Black Desert Mobile for free on the Play Store and App Store.

NO.7 EVE Echoes - a mobile MMORPG set in space
EVE Echoes is the mobile version of the MMORPG EVE Online, set in the same universe but a parallel world. You play the role of a clone, piloting a spaceship to explore a vast world.

+ gorgeous graphics
+ Diverse missions and complex gameplay
+ many different boats
+ Rarely used settings on your phone
+ No Pay2Win

- It's a little hard to get started
- Not a casual game, although there are cars flying
- If you want to experience the game fully, a subscription is required

What do the comments say?
EVE Echoes has 3.7 stars and nearly 50,000 ratings on the Play Store.
In the App Store, it has 3.6 stars and nearly 2,900 ratings.
The game is widely praised for its excellent graphics, gameplay mechanics, and diverse ships. Even a €5-a-month subscription system, called an Omega clone, is considered justified by critics.
However, there have also been negative reviews that EVE Echoes are just a simplified and worse version of EVE Online. Others also criticized that while it's possible to fly autonomously from one place to another, you have to spend a lot of gaming time, which isn't necessarily suitable for smartphones.

Who should play EVE Echoes?
If you want to play an equally complex space MMORPG that offers multiple possibilities, you should check out EVE Echoes. Especially the graphics and complexity are exceptional for a mobile game.
However, those who have already played EVE Online will find little time to juggle either game and may prefer the original on PC.

Where can I download EVE Echoes?
Mobile MMORPGs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

NO.8 World of Kings - Mobile MMORPG similar to World of Warcraft
The mobile MMORPG World of Kings is reminiscent of World of Warcraft visually and in the name. Especially the first step, the area, and the opponent, immediately reminiscent of Azeroth. Some jokes were also copied. In World of Kings, there is an NPC named India Ford instead of Harrison Jones.
Mobile MMORPGs rely primarily on an extensive class system. So there are nine lessons at the beginning, and later you can climb up to 1 of 3 studies. So you have a total of 27 different combinations available.
Otherwise, World of Kings will give you an open world with quests, dungeons, raids, and PvP. Most of this can also be done on autopilot.

+ Diverse races and a broad class system
+ Dungeons, Raids, and Endgame PvP
+ many different mounts
+ Much like WoW

- Daily dungeons and raids are limited
- Weak translation, partially automated or not automated at all
- There are currently no new content updates
- If you want to succeed in the PvP leaderboards, Pay2Win

What do the comments say?
World of Kings has 3.9 stars out of nearly 53,000 ratings on the Play Store.
In the App Store, it has 4.3 stars and nearly 450 ratings.
Mobile MMORPGs have been praised for their functionality and feel. The tutorial explains all the game's features, which are also highlighted in several reviews. It's reminiscent of a slightly stripped-down version of World of Warcraft.

Who should play World of Kings?
Of course, the MMORPG immediately attracted World of Warcraft fans with its looks and gameplay. But remember, it's not an official World of Warcraft phone! If you want to experience a parallel world on your smartphone to your PC, you should check out a mobile MMORPG.
Otherwise, the game is aimed at fans of the open world and comic book graphic style. In this regard, it is very different from the other games on our list.

Where to download the world of kings?
Mobile MMORPGs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


NO.9 Talion - A mobile MMORPG where autoplay isn't everything
Talion is a mobile MMORPG from Gamevil, developing the successful action RPG Royal Blood. You play as a hero who becomes a "talion" by consuming dragon blood, a kind of super-soldier. This way, you can intervene in a war between two factions.

+ Good graphics
+ Nice character editor
+ Complex skill and equipment system
+ PvP and tough endgames

- Gender lock
- Pay2Win
- Recent reviews talk about lags and crashes after updates.


What do the comments say?
Talion has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating out of 85,000 reviews in the Google Play store.
4.3 out of 5 stars on the App Store based on 664 ratings.

Who should play Talion?
Anyone who values ​​a mobile MMORPG with good graphics and PvP will find exciting candidates in Talion. Due to the system's complexity, this is not a game in between.
However, Talion doesn't offer much backstory and doesn't have any connection to the game on PC or console.

Where can I download Talion?
You can download Talion from Google Play and the App Store.

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