Which are The Most-Watched MMORPGs on Twitch in May 2022

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Lostarkgold Editor want to introduce you to the most popular MMORPGs on Twitch in this article. We looked at the average number of viewers over the last 30 days for each game.

League of Legends is arguably the best multiplayer online battle arena game on Twitch right now, with more than an average of 56,000 viewers each day! Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft are also popular games among players who enjoy eSports videos.

World of Warcraft has a daily average of 14,000 viewers, while Heroes of the Storm has an average daily viewership of 7,300. Defense Of The Ancients 2 has averaged 3,900 people watching daily, while Dota 2 has reached an audience size averaging around 2,800 people everyday.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in Europe and North America. It is aimed at solo players who want to experience the story and at fans of group play in dungeons and raids, which the game is regularly expanded to include. There's also PvP content, but it's not pushed that hard. Blizzard has now released eight expansions for WoW.

WoW uses comic graphics that have been pimped up a bit over the expansions. In some places, the age is still showing. After all, WoW celebrated its 15th birthday. In the combat system, it relies on classic tab targeting.


WoW currently offers you two versions:
The current expansion was called Shadowlands and was released in November 2020. This is normal WoW, also known as Retail WoW.
WoW Classic is a new edition of the base game and was released in August 2019 - the expansion, The Burning Crusade, was released in June 2021

How is it doing on Twitch? In the last 30 days, WoW had:
35,783 spectators on average (12th place in all games)
25,764,322 watched hours
Average of 1,222 active streamers

WoW is actually in a deep slump because the Shadowlands expansion has been told to the end in terms of story, and there are no new raids either. The numbers were mainly saved because the next expansion, Dragonflight, and WoW WOTLK Classic were announced in April. So the game got over 300,000 simultaneous viewers for a few hours, which pulled the cut up.

What is worth watching for?
In the last few weeks, players have been able to follow the latest raids in Burning Crusade Classic. In Retail-WoW, the focus is on the new seasons.
In general, many WoW streamers have also become meta streamers. Asmongold, the biggest WoW streamer, likes to talk about other MMORPGs or general MMO topics like shops, which he's been very upset about lately. Other greats such as sodapoppin or shroud show WoW on their channels.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark is very reminiscent of Diablo 3 gameplay but as an MMORPG. You control a character from the ISO perspective and fight with him against hordes of monsters. It also implements the loot spiral particularly well so that you always have a carrot in front of you.

Which are The Most-Watched MMORPGs on Twitch in May 2022

You create a hero, explore a large but instantiated fantasy world, and complete monsters and quests along the way:
There are now 17 classes with different abilities
In raids, you face powerful bosses together
PvP takes place in an arena where you compete against players of the same skill level or in GvG in some open regions.
It is possible to move into your own house and use it as storage for unneeded equipment.
You can enter into a relationship with NPCs can get More Lost Ark Gold.
Lost Ark also brings interesting new features to the gameplay, focusing on exploring islands and sailing.

How is it doing on Twitch? In the last 30 days, Lost Ark had:
Average 28,914 spectators (17th place in all games)
20,818,420 watched hours
Average of 669 active streamers

The MMORPG experienced its big hype in February and March of the year. In April, the numbers rose again slightly due to the first update but fell again towards the end of the month. Lost Ark has even lost many viewers compared to the 30 days before.

But in the last 24 hours, there has been a significant jump upwards. While 31,212 players were still watching Peak on Wednesday, May 18, a day later, it was 154,423. The reason for this was the big May patch.

What is worth watching for?
Lost Ark's biggest streamers mainly show the currently most difficult raids and PvP. The hype has recently increased somewhat because of the new destroyer class. For example, many veterans presented them on the servers in Korea or Russia, where they have been playable for a long time.
But some streamers also regularly show the daily grind or the leveling of new characters.

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs worldwide. A lot changed in 2013 due to the significant overhaul of the game. With regular content updates and expansions, such as Endwalker being the most recent feature, there is now much content waiting for the players.

The MMORPG is reminiscent of classic Japanese RPGs due to the intense focus on the story. It also offers everything a gamer's heart desires, including:
A huge game world
Different jobs, between which you can also switch
Much focus on the story
A deep crafting system
Challenges in the form of dungeons and raids with different and sometimes high levels of difficulty

But you have to get along with the combat system, which seems sluggish and outdated, especially at the beginning. Although FFXIV is pay-to-play, it was only in the summer of 2020 that the free-to-play content was expanded so that you can experience levels up to 60, the base game, and the first expansion without a subscription.

How is it doing on Twitch?
In the last 30 days, Final Fantasy XIV had:
Average 16,710 spectators (ranked 25th of all games)
12,031,506 watched hours
Average of 776 active streamers
Compared to the previous 30 days, Final Fantasy XIV is up a lot due to the new raids' race for world firsts. In general, the MMORPG experiences strong fluctuations again and again. In December 2021 and January, it had a clear high due to the new expansion Endwalker, after which there was a noticeable low.

What is worth watching for?
The biggest FFXIV streamers mainly show the dungeons and raids of Final Fantasy. You can also watch them doing the daily grind or leveling other jobs.

Old School RuneScape
The MMORPG RuneScape has been expanded and renewed over time. But many players wanted the old flair back. So the developer Jagex brought Old school RuneScape for PC and the smartphone.
The MMORPG relies heavily on interaction, crafting, and trading with other players. You can expect 23 different skills, a vast open-world with hundreds of quests, and many possibilities to shape your character according to your wishes. You can experience all this with a point and click control.

What is unique about the development of Oldschool RuneScape is that the players decide on new content. It will only be implemented if 75% of all subscribers agree with a feature. The game has also experienced an upswing in recent years because it appeared as a mobile game and was released on Steam.

How is it doing on Twitch? In the last 30 days, Old School RuneScape has had:
Average 5,402 spectators (ranked 60th of all games)
3,889,997 watched hours
Average of 141 active streamers
The trend for Old School RuneScape was upward. Especially in May, more channels and more viewers were active.

What is worth watching for?
In Old School RuneScape, some players have been grinding for years and like to show off their accomplishments. The biggest streamers want to show off tough bosses or PvP against other players.

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