Which closed MMORPG players looking to return?

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MMORPGs have been a favorite of gamers for many generations. But with the recent shutdown of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Everquest, and Lost Ark, many wonder what games they should be playing next. MMORPGs is a community for people passionate about massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The site was created to help serve as a platform for discussion on all things related to MMORPGs. Since there are many titles to choose from, our goal is to provide players with the best MMORPG reviews and recommendations to make an informed decision on which game they want to play next.


Which closed MMORPG players looking to return?

WildStar was one of the last significant MMORPGs developed in the West. It's a sci-fi game that drew a lot of attention even before it was released and relied on a subscription model. The company confidently stated that they hope to attract ex-Warcraft players. WildStar relies on an action-packed combat system, diverse missions, and plenty of humor. In the final stage, challenging dungeons and raids await the player.

What makes it unique?
WildStar wanted to do a lot different than MMORPGs at the time. When World of Warcraft has been criticized for getting more accessible, it has focused on team play and hardcore content.
For many players, MMORPGs have one of the best combat systems in the genre. It's dynamic, and players need good reflexes to dodge the opponent's telegrams and onslaught.
Another highlight is the extensive housing system, still considered one of the best today.

Why did it fail?
While WildStar's launch was relatively smooth, it soon became apparent that the hardcore side was too tiring for many in the long run.
There were also some bugs in the final game, and lacking the promised content additions, Carbine couldn't support a real-time MMORPG. Additionally, PvP failed to convince players and nearly died out shortly after its release. Even switching to Free2Play in 2015 couldn't save MMORPGs.
WildStar is now gone, but thousands of fans are begging to return. It's also possible that WildStar will eventually get private servers from fans, just like Star Wars Galaxies and Warhammer. Some players are already working on it, but it's questionable whether NCSoft would allow such a server. There will also be no updates to this topic in 2021.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was known as the giant killer in World of Warcraft before its release. With classic PvE content like crafting and quests, the game's focus is PvP. Warhammer Online was well-received upon its release. It sold over 1.2 million copies and had over 800,000 subscribers at its peak.

What makes it unique?
The MMORPG uses the Realm vs. Realm technique from the Dark Ages of Camelot and pits three matches against each other. This led to exciting sieges and massive mass battles.
A small revolution is sharing loot and quest mobs that you can defeat together, even if you're not in a group. This makes MMORPGs fun even for PvElers.
Also, the game uses a Warhammer license, so it's associated with big names.

Why did it fail?
A few months after its release, the number of players dropped rapidly. That's because Warhammer Online feels unfinished. It came out too early, and the main thing missing was the endgame content to be released. There were also some game-breaking bugs that were removed too slowly.
While there was an idea to make Warhammer Online a Free2Play MMORPG, it was decided against as the game's license expired in 2013.

Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies played the story between the fourth and fifth episodes of the book/movie, respectively, incorporating elements from other periods over time. The game is an actual sandbox. The game world consists of various known planets that you can travel to and complete different missions. Aside from some assigned tasks, the game principles mainly include crafting, keeping pets, living in your player city, and fighting mobs or other players.

What makes it unique?
Even today, Star Wars Galaxy is considered one of the MMORPGs with the best crafting system. What's unique is that you can't master all of the professions as a player just because you put in a lot of effort.
That's why artisans who are successful in particular disciplines are all familiar faces on the server. Additionally, MMORPGs offer a variety of collectibles through which you can earn special rewards and titles.

Why did it fail?
At launch, Star Wars Galaxy sold well, but not brilliantly. At its peak, it had only about 300,000 subscribers. The numbers have dropped in the years since launch, so the game has undergone a significant change under the NGE (New Game Enhancement) name.
However, Warcraft should not be a killer. an investigation revealed that one of the designers, Raph Koster, said the game had a churn problem, mainly due to a lack of content. He admits that the expectations were too high to be fulfilled, but the game has lasted for years without fail.

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Destination Games. Similar to Guild Wars, the company is based in the US but is owned by South Korean company NCSoft. Well-known faces from Ultima Online have contributed to the development, including Richard Garriott, who last worked on Shroud of Avatar and is now working on a new MMORPG. In Tabula Rasa, players fight aliens together. The game relies on a mix of action and shooter combat systems. In addition to story and PvE in the game world, MMORPGs also offer PvP in so-called war games.

What makes it unique?
Tabula Rasa wants to be an MMORPG that makes players feel like real heroes, not just a part of the game world. Additionally, the game focuses on a villain who directly competes with it.
Tabula Rasa was one of the first MMORPGs in which missions were not static but depended on the progression of battles.

Why did it fail?
The game's concept was revised entirely several times during the development process. Originally it was developed for the Korean market, and later it focused entirely on the Western market.
Also, the game was graphically overhauled shortly before launch, as Lineage 2 was published by NCSoft itself and looked much better than Tabula Rasa.
Another issue was the lack of content and featured the game lacked at launch. While it should have been expanding over the years, that hasn't happened due to weak subscriber numbers.

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