Which Lost Ark Reputation Should you Raise First?

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One of Lost Ark many game systems revolves around special characters you meet during your adventures. Lost Ark Gold, silver, cards, boost potions, runes, collectibles, and more are all beckoning as rewards. Once you complete these special NPCs, there are 71 personalities, and you can establish a friendly relationship with them, ranging from neutral to favorable.

Which Lost Ark Reputation Should you Raise First?

Since so many NPCs can improve your reputation, many players are currently asking who to improve their relationship with first. We'll answer these questions in our guide to the Lost Ark Affinity System below. Check it out here if you want to treat yourself to the Lost Ark Vanguard Pack! If you have other questions, please drop them in the comments section.

How do you improve a relationship?
After encountering NPCs with relationship status, you can increase your reputation with them. For this, you have several options:
Talk to an NPC to play an instrument: 5 times per day
Emotes cast while talking to NPCs: 5 per day
NPC gifts are given during dialogue: 99 in total

Note: All roles share daily Actions in your account. It would help if you also had enough music and motion counters to play music and cast emotes. The relationship action is reset at 11:00 AM every day. You can perform an additional relationship action per day if you have an active crystal aura. Also, you can increase the NPC's reputation by doing quests related to that person.

What are the prestige levels?
Most NPCs have the following four prestige levels:

However, if you open the Relationships sub-item via Alt + N or the Adventure menu item, you will see a single NPC marked with a red heart in the list. With these, you even have a chance to gain the reputation level of favorability. The following applies to all NPCs and prestige levels: the higher the level, the more and better rewards you can get (with some exceptions). Note that you will automatically receive some rewards—others you have to collect manually in the Relations interface.

Who should you build your reputation with first?
One of the most asked questions on Twitch right now is: which NPC should I use first to increase my reputation? Is there such a thing as a priority list? Before we get started, we give you three basic tips:

From day one of The Lost Ark, no matter which NPC it is maximizes the relationship between your instrumental play and emotes. Your unused promotions will not be credited to your account the next day!

You'll want to get the most reputation out of almost every NPC in the long run because they have useful rewards in their luggage. It's even more important to use up limited promotions early.

However, hold off on your gifts until you've unlocked most NPCs and decided which NPCs to attract first.

Gold is the road to your heart.
Now comes the question of who you should be your best buddy first. Our advice: let gold decide! Unlike silver, gold doesn't throw you at every corner. Meanwhile, it would help if you had gold to buy the Auction House or exchange it for blue crystals.

There are several strategies you can use. For example, you can first focus on improving the reputation of NPCs like Thirain, Black Tooth, or Ealyn since they already offer you Friendly for 200 gold each. You can reach this reputation level in as little as two days. Nia and Hariya bring you more gold in Friendly (1,400 and 700 gold), but you can only meet them in the endgame Punica.

Alternatively, you're looking for the NPC that promises you the most gold across all prestige levels - Sasha has about 3,500 gold in total. However, you have to put in a few weeks to extract the most from your friendship. Some gold early to get a smoother start or a lot of gold in the medium term? You decide!

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